One&One is an independant communication Agency specialise in the field of Luxury, fashion and Cinema.
Tourism of Businesses and Incentive
Conceive and manage competition and challenges to improve the results of your commercial teams and reward the best performances.

Team Building
Discover unusual places and imagine playfull activities to motivate yours team and create one feelings of membership...
Conventions - Seminars - Congress
Gather the best specialits to exchange and progress.

Soiree - State-rooms - Stands
To create and animate stands, to ensure the control of professional State-rooms or a mass public to create the event.

Launchings of products
Stage your products and reveal them through a real show.
Video production - Edition - Multi-media
Conceive and realize vox pops, reports, pictorial charters, decline them on invitations, newsletter, folders, etc...
Inaugurations - Road Shows
Manage the logistic and technical organization of your prestations.
Press conferences
Stage and insure the control room, the reception and the supervision of the journalists, the manufacturing of press-kits to convince and seduce the Media.

Wild Bunch Distribution, Plage privée Hôtel Gray D' Albion (Groupe Barrière), IRT Réunion, Région Réunion, Fonds Européen - Agence Film Réunion, Fondation Jean-Jaures, L'Oreal, Technikart Magazine, Groupe Riccobono, Gérard Mital Films Productions, CE Groupe Danone, CE Groupe Consort NT, CE Groupe Phone Regie, CE Bedouk, Ambassade
d'Angola, Festival de Cannes, Fashion Business Angola, Grand Prix Krea, le salon Bedouk, Majestic Barriere Cannes, Hibiki Suntory, Yacht Octopus (Paul Allen/MicroSoft), Sailing Yacht So Fong, Sailing Yacht Espagna, Sailing Yacht Zamoura…

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